Short Sales:
Short sales have become a very important consideration for millions of homeowners who through no fault of their own find their homes have a market value less than current market value ("under water”). We at Faust Realty Group offer highest quality professional help on short sales. This includes experienced agents who will handle the heavy load of paper work and red tape necessary to accomplish a quick and fair conclusion to your short sale. Frequently, when properly handled the home owner can quickly rid themselves of distressed property with no residual debt and only minimal disruption of their credit.
Unavoidably, properties sometime go all the way to the lending institution's foreclosure process. ln these cases the well informed buyer can benefit significantly. But they need information and an experienced agent to guide them through the many pitfalls and problems implicit in the foreclosure process.  Without proper know how a buyer can wind up in a host of unforseen difficulties. Faust Realty Group's trained professionals will work with you ln finding the perfect "deal".......safely and securely.  When buying or selling foreclosed property, it is important to have agents who have the experience to handle these transactions correctly.  It takes time, work, and effort to see the foreclosure to a satisfactory conclusion.
Rentals & Property Management:
Faust Realty Group referrals can handle rentals to rent or manage.  Fast on site service by an outstanding qualified property manager with over 30 years experience.
Golden Gate Estates Specialists:
With over 40 years of experience in sales, whether its Golden Gate City or the area, it makes a difference in dealing with an office who knows the Estates area and can service your needs in a professsional manner.  
HUD Homes
We are a licensed and certified HUD homes broker and this enables us to show HUD government houses.



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